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The Win32_StartupCommand class represents a command that runs automatically when a user logs onto the computer system.

Quick Start


In this WMI class, all WMI properties are read-only. You can only read values but not change them.


Data type String

A short textual description (one-line string) of the CIM_Setting object.


Data type String

The Command property indicates the string representing the command line run by the startup command.

Example: c:\winnt\notepad.exe myfile.txt.


Data type String

A textual description of the CIM_Setting object.


Data type String

The Location property indicates the path where the startup command resides on the disk file system.

'Startup','Common Startup','HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run','HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices'


Data type String


Data type String

The Name property indicates the filename of the startup command.

Example: FindFast


Data type String

The identifier by which the CIM_Setting object is known.


Data type String

The User property indicates the user name for whom this startup command will run.

Example: mydomain\myname.


Data type String

The UserSID property indicates the SID of the user for whom this startup command will run. That User property may be empty but UserSID still has a value if the user name can’t be resolved (like in the case of a deleted user). The property is helpful to distinguish between commands associated w/ two different users with unresolved names. It may be NULL when the command is associated with items not actually identifying a user like All Users.




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