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Logs events to a text file

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Most WMI properties are read-only. You can only read values but not change them. Few properties are also writeable. You can assign new values to those properties.

Writeable properties are marked with this icon:   


Data type UInt8


Data type String

Fully qualified path name for the log file. If file does not exist, it will be created. If directory does not exist, file will not be created.


Data type Boolean

If $false or NULL, file will not be Unicode.


Data type String


Data type UInt64

Maximum size to which file is allowed to grow. It will be archived when it exceeds this size. Archived files have an extension of .001 through .999. A value of zero will be interpreted to mean ‘do not archive.’


Data type UInt32


Data type String

A unique identifier for this instance


Data type String

Message to be inserted into the log file



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