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Logs events into NT event log, see Win32 SDK documentation for more complete descriptions

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Most WMI properties are read-only. You can only read values but not change them. Few properties are also writeable. You can assign new values to those properties.

Writeable properties are marked with this icon:   


Data type UInt16

Specifies the event category. This is source-specific information.


Data type UInt8


Data type UInt32

The event identifier specifies the message that goes with this event as an entry in the message file associated with the event source.


Data type UInt32

Specifies the type of event being logged

$EventType_ReturnValue = 
    8='Audit Success'
   16='Audit Failure'


Data type String

Strings to be inserted into the event text.


Data type String


Data type UInt32


Data type String

A unique identifier for this instance


Data type String

The NameOfRawDataProperty property is the name of the property in the event which contains a UserSID in string or array of bytes format. This will become the lpUserSid param in the ReportEvent API function.


Data type String

The NameOfUserSIDProperty is the name of a property in the event which contains an array of bytes, or a string. This will become the lpRawData param in ReportEvent API function.


Data type UInt32

Number of strings to be inserted into the event text.


Data type String

The source name must be a subkey of a logfile entry under the EventLog key in the registry.


Data type String

Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name of the server on which this operation is to be performed. If NULL, the operation is performed on the local computer.



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