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Become Reseller or Affiliate!

You can register as reseller or affilate.


As a reseller, you qualify for reseller discounts. Reseller discounts apply to ISESteroids Enterprise and Upgrades from ISESteroids Professional to ISESteroids Enterprise. Reseller discounts do not apply to ISESteroids PowerShell Specialist as this is a greatly discounted license type for private users and natural persons.

To become a reseller, please sign up here.

When you sign up as a reseller, you define a password. Once your registration is accepted, you receive an email with your reseller ID.

Your reseller ID plus your password can be used to login in our online shop. Once logged in, you can select licenses and view prices. In the upper right corner you can select the currency. Default currency is EUR.

You can also directly order licenses and benefit from reseller discounts:

1-9 Users: 5%
10-24 Users: 10%
25 Users or more: 25%

We are currently looking for resellers that we would like to promote. So if you add ISESteroids to your portfolio and provide us with a URL pointing to a landing page where customers can order ISESteroids through you, we are happy to add it to our list of registered resellers.


As an affiliate, you get a unique ID that you can use in promotion links.

You can then promote ISESteroids on your blog or website(s). All you do is publish the link.

When your visitors order ISESteroids via these links, you get a commission. To become an affiliate, please sign up here.