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ISESteroids 2.0 Roadmap Update

Some of you may be wondering where the promised final version 2.0 of ISESteroids is. After all, it was announced to be published by end of year. That’s why I’d like to share a couple of details with you.

Where is the Final Version?

Dec 6, we published the ISESteroids 2.0 Release Candidate. This version is feature complete and lets you work with all of the features found in the final Enterprise version.

Ever since ISESteroids 2.0 Preview was published in October, we have been virtually washed away with great suggestions and feature requests. Large software vendors would probably have completed the current version, then taken the suggestions to create a version 3.0 and charge for it.

Lots of Additional Features

We thought many of the suggestions were so cool that we decided to implement them immediately. Obviously, this took some time, and introduced new testing scenarios. This is why

  • on the one hand side, ISESteroids 2.0 has many more features today than originally announced, such as version control, script map, risk management, color theming, and many more
  • as a trade-off, ISESteroids 2.0 is still in Release Candidate status and not finalized yet

Since ISESteroids 2.0 RC is feature complete, all we do now is quality assurance. We are tracking down a couple of minor issues, and then will finalize the version for you. In the meantime, you can use ISESteroids 2.0 RC already to enjoy all of the features.

Let us know!

We hope what we did is what benefits you most.

If there is something we did not take into consideration, please let uns know, and we do our best to work it out.

To all of you, I wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your support.