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Santa Claus brings ISESteroids 2 RC!

Now it’s official: Santa Claus will bring ISESteroids Release Candidate (RC) to you! It will be available Dec 6, 2014.

ISESteroids RC

ISESteroids RC is fully compatible with the new transcription features found in PowerShell 5, and brings a number of exciting new features:

  • ISESteroids 2 RC brings debugging to a new level. A new debugging margin allows you to set and clear breakpoints with a simple mouse click, and you can create advanced breakpoints such as dynamic variable breakpoints and conditional breakpoints.
  • The new debugger margin has a line indicator that marks the current line, and also the current debugging line. It uses different colors for saved and untitled scripts, and uses a stripe pattern while in debugging mode.
  • A new script profiler creates a real-time graph of performance data and immediately identifies bottle necks and unused code while it runs.
  • Fully themable UI finally gives you the freedom to adjust the look and feel, and create breathtaking dark themes.
  • Plus lots more, please check the version history for a full list of all new features and bug fixes.

Note that ISESteroids 2.0 Preview will expire Dec 10, so make sure you update your Preview version before then.

Our upgrade offer runs out end of this year. So if you have still some budget that you’d like to invest into something useful, get yourself an ISESteroids 1.0 license and enjoy free upgrading to ISESteroids 2.0 Enterprise.

May the PowerShell be with you,