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Share your psconf.eu pictures!

Anyone who attended psconf.eu 2017 and would like to share some of his or her pictures, please do so!

Package Pictures in Batch of ZIPs

First, package your pictures into ZIP files. In order for these ZIP files to not grow into huge files, here is a script that takes all of your pictures and distributes them into ZIP files with 10 pictures each:

# pack 10 pics per ZIP
$groupsize = 10

# ADJUST THIS PATH so it points to your pics:
$pictureFolder = "$HOME\Documents\psconf17\fotos"
$yourName = 'Tobias'

# creates chunks of 10 picture files each:
$files = Get-ChildItem -Path $pictureFolder -Filter *.jpg -File -Recurse |
ForEach-Object -Begin { $c=0; [Collections.ArrayList]$list = @() } -Process {
 if ($c % $groupsize)
 $null = $list.Add($_)
 Write-Output @(,$list.Clone())
} -end { 
 Write-Output @(,$list.Clone())
} |
# compresses chunks of 10 pics into individual ZIP files:
ForEach-Object -Begin { $part = 0 } -Process {
 $_ | Compress-Archive -DestinationPath "$PictureFolder\pic_$YourName Part_$part.zip" 

Use Own Storage Space, and Share Links Only!

Next, upload your ZIP files to your own storage space. We have only limited storage capacity, so please only share LINKS to your ZIP files.w

Finally, log into our slack space at www.powershell.live, and post the link(s) to your ZIP files in channel #pics.

Sharing is caring – many thanks for sharing your pictures!