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For many years, we provided a sophisticated editor experience for VBScript called “SystemScripter”. Now, 14 years after Microsoft stopped active VBScript development, we, too, finally retire the SystemScripter software.

Effective immediately, SystemScripter software is no longer available for purchase, and no new activations are supported. In this article, you find the steps to bypass activation and use the software for as long as you may find it useful.

At the same time, SystemScripter can now be used freely by anyone. However, there is no support, and no warranty. Use it entirely at own risk.

Continue to use SystemScripter without Activation

If you are an existing customer and would like to continue to use the software, please download the below version of systemscripter.exe, and replace this file in your installation. This will bypass activation.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to install the product SystemScripter first (use the below section and link if you haven’t installed it yet). Once SystemScripter is installed, use the file downloaded here to REPLACE the systemscripter.exe in the installation folder with the one that does not check for a license. 

Lately, Microsoft Defender and some other AV engines claim that the download contains the “Win32/Rundas!plock” trojan. This trojan supposingly surfaced in Q2/2016, yet the download we offer hasn’t changed in years now. This indicates that this is just another of these annoying “false positives” when AV engines check for scripting signatures. SystemScripter contains a set of sample scripts, and apparently some seem to use code that was also found as part of hostile scripts. We thoroughly tested and checked the binaries, but ultimately it is up to you whether you want to install this software. 

SystemScripter No Activation File Replacement
SystemScripter No Activation File Replacement
Version: 6
2.4 MiB

SystemScripter Installation Files

Should you need to reinstall SystemScripter, please use the below MSI installation package. The same applies to any new and unlicensed user.

Make sure you replace systemscripter.exe after installation with the above version to turn off software activation.

SystemScripter VBScript Editor
SystemScripter VBScript Editor
Version: 6
7.8 MiB

Both files are free to use at own risk.

Moving to PowerShell

Of course there are still legacy situations where VBScript is the scripting language of choice.

Yet, PowerShell is really the way to go these days. Any existing SystemScripter user is invited to try for free ISESteroids, the premier PowerShell scripting editor. If you like it, there is a 25% discount on ISESteroids Enterprise for SystemScripter customers. Contact us to claim it.

If you are EU based and would like to set up a professional inhouse VBScript-to-PowerShell class, we are happy to train you. Please contact [email protected].