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Master PowerShell In 10 Days

Become a PowerShell expert in 10 days. Just try it! This is a free multi-part tutorial series created by long term PowerShell MVP Dr. Tobias Weltner and his team.

I know that already Starting to learn PowerShell is like starting to quit smoking: You know you ought to do it. You just never really do. Why today, not now, maybe later. Until it’s too late. Here’s a method that works! 10 days, and you are up to date again in todays’ IT
PS C:\Users\tobwe> welcome.ps1
                                     .os:   `/y-
                                   /s+.       `so
                                .oo/+/:.        y/
                              .so.    `:///:-...:m`                            .
                            -so`           `.-:::N`                            d
                          -y+++-                 y/                            h
                         os.  `:+/-              oo                            h                                              ..`    . -++ooss:
                       .y+///-`  `-++/:`         :y                            h                      `        .+o:`    +``/oo++oy` -ms:`    .d:
                      :h:ys/-/yo`    `./+//:.``  `m                            h                   -+ooss/    ++`.d:    m+o.        -h        :y
           ``        /y:o`     /h`    `/oyy+:/+ooom.                           d                  +/`  -so   s:  `m     yy          -y        .m
         :shy       :h.y`       +o  :oo-``//oo-  `y+                           m                `o- ./o+.   :o   sm     +y          -s        `m
       .hs:`+-     -d`/+       `y-.h:`       .d`oosy                           h`              -hsoo+-`     h: `o+N`    -m          /s        `N
      -d-   `o   -/d. `y+-...:+o. /+         .doo :y                           y.              so.`     `.  :sss: +h/++``N`         +o         os:
     :d.    `h+yhyN+o/.`-/+//-`   -h`    `.:+o/d  /y                           s-            ` yo.``.-/+/`    `    .-.`  .          `.          ``
    /h.     .h+:./h  .:+/-         +so++oo/-` `oo+yy                           o:      `-+osss``/+oo+/-`
   :h`      .+`-+m-     .:+/:-`      ```         `o+                           ++ `-+oso/-.`
  .d.       +:ssyy         `.:++/:.`              oh-      `-::/.              /mys/-``                                 `-/os+:`
  y:       `y  `d.              `-:+++//:-----::++ssoo-  .+/--yMs.             `:.                    -/osyyhy+-`     :o/.../hy-
 `h        :/  oo                    `..-:::////:.h: `/o+y-   `mm`                                 `/+NN-``.-+hNd/  `yy.     `
 o:        s` .d`              `.                 mo.  oh.     dh`                                 `..MN`      -Mm  oMd:`
 h        .y  y/          `.---/oys:-`           `d`/-:h.      mh.                                   `MN`      :h-  `+hddhhys+:.
-ds-      o- -d         .::-..-:/:-.:o/          /s  -h-       md`                                    MN`  `.:+:`      `..-/oydmh/
:N-/oo//:om. h:        /:.:///:-/s+. `o+         y:  y/        hm`                                    NMhyso/.                `:mM:
om-  .-:hdo+:h        /:.+.       -/o/`y.       `m  .d.        yN`                                    hM/``           .         oM/
y.osoo+sh.  h:        y`y`          `+o:+       /s  +s`        oM`                                    oMo            +N:        oN`
/. `.../-  .m        .o`d`            ooo       h-  h+         /N.                                    -Mm            .mN+`     `h:              `
N/     od. s+        `h /s            /h:      .d   /yo-`   `.:yd                                      mM/            .hMh/--:++.             -dmo/so`
o      .s..m`         ++ o+          :oo       o+    o::+ooooo+s/                                      +h-             `/ydhs/.               oMm- /M+
o+   ` /oos+           +o.oo-`      -oo`      `m`    y.`       d`                                      `                                      mM+  /m.
ms   /sd:-m`            -o/:/+o++/+//o`       +o     +sso++///os                                                                             .Mm  -d:
d    :d- /s    ``         ./+/:...-//`        d.      +: ```..o+                                                                             /M: -h-
m:`  +o  d.  ./oy/       .::``.---.          .d      `o`      `h`                                                                            yd :y.
ddys.+/ /y .+/. `ss`   -+/-/d`     `-+.      +o      +.       /y/                                                                  -/       `N//y`
.- +dh/ s++/`     oy -s/`   y+   ./+::d.    `hy     /:.       h/`                                             ``      `.           NM.      +N+y`
    ..` ./`        syh`     .m`-o+.   /h`  :sm.    :y+h       -o                           `   `---.       `+/:+y+`   sN:          hM/      yNy`
                    /.       hy+`      +y.so`.     o//-      `yd`                         .d/.+/:-+yy-    `dy   .yd.  sM-     `    oMo      o+
        -                    .` `       :h:         `+ .:     yy:                         .Mhs`     oN.   +d`    `hh  +M/    yd`   :Mo      `.:-`
       -+      .      .        `s                   o:o+h.    o                            MN.      `Ny   hs      od  -Ms   +dM+   :M/     /s+oNh.
       o`     .o     `s        o-     `.           `h/  -s `  s                            hy        dN   hy     `d:   Nm  +s`mN-  sN`   -+h:` oMy
      .+      +.     o.       -+      o.                 y`mo.s                            sd        hm   +N+` `.y/    oM+/y  .hms/m/   ss     :Mh
      o`     `o     -+        s      .+                  :y//y:                            /M.       sN.   /yyo+/.      ymy`    .:-`   `M/    `sm-
     ::      o`     s        /-      s                    .                                `Mo       `+/`                               smyoo+/:
    `o      :/     /.       `+      /-                                                      o/                                            ``
    o`     `o     `+        +`     `o
   `:      o`     +`       -/      +.
          .:     `o        o      `+
                 :-       /.      +`
                 o`       /       o

PS C:\Users\tobwe>

At the end of the 10 days, you will be a lot smarter, and made friends with PowerShell. And you’ve probably done your career a great favor (provided it relates to IT, but hey you can always control your Tesla sports car using PowerShell, too, if that is what you want).

Which raises the question: where is the plug? Why are we doing this for free?

“Honey, no ‘P’-Word at the dinner table!”Because we love to share stories about PowerShell and amazing things that can happen (and our families eventually stopped us from doing so at dinner). Because we strongly believe in community and helping each other. Because we produce sophisticated PowerShell tools that you may want to eventually buy and make us rich. Because we love to fiddle with things. Because we learn so much by creating these tutorials. In a nutshell: because we are passionate about PowerShell. After all, isn’t passion the drive for the weirdest things?

Ready to start?

Day 1: Making Yourself At Home
Let’s get your system ready to use PowerShell. We’ll go over the tools and the most important settings so you are ready to run your first PowerShell commands. Start learning PowerShell now!