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Updating to Windows 10

When you update your computer to another operating system like Windows 10, please make sure you remove your ISESteroids license first:


If you forget to remove a license before you trash a machine, this is no problem at all. License slots will be freed automatically after 15 days of inactivity.

If you forget to remove a license before upgrading to Windows 10, this is a problem: Since you are not setting up a new computer, all stays the same, just the operating system is suddenly different. So ISESteroids reads its cached license info, finds that it is not fitting the machine, and refuses to work. This will not change after 15 days.

So in case you did not remove the license before a Windows 10 upgrade, simply remove the license manually, and you are good immediately.

Or, update to ISESteroids or better. This version will automatically take care of it.

Manually Removing A License

To remove the license by hand, run this line:

Remove-Item $env:appdata\ISESteroids\License\*

Or, if you store your personal settings locally, delete the license file from within the AppData folder inside the ISESteroids module folder.

Next, start ISESteroids. You will see the blue bar telling you that trial period is over, and asking to apply a license. Simply apply your license file, i.e. by dragging it onto the blue bar, and you are all set.

Always Use the Original License!

Always use the original license file you received from us to unlock ISESteroids on a new machine.

Do not use license files that you copied from the ISESteroids license folders. These license files are specific licenses for a particular machine that you cannot apply to another machine.

When you think about it, this makes sense: you don’t want someone else to grab your license file from your user profile, and use it some place else. ISESteroids always makes safe copies of your license files, and you keep the golden original license file.