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WPF Designer and Visual Studio Integration

Due to popular demand, we postpone the release of the final version of ISESteroids to May 3, 2015. The current RC available for download is stable, and this way, all attendees of the German PowerShell Conference get the chance to take advantage of the free Upgrade offer.

Until release day, you can get an Enterprise license with all available features effectively for half price.

WPF Designer and VisualStudio Integration…

Of course there is a technical reason, too. The final release comes with VisualStudio integration: you can use VisualStudio and its WPF UI Designer to design beautiful user interfaces, and have it update your WPF PowerShell code right inside the ISE editor.

Likewise, when you change your WPF code in the ISE, VisualStudio updates its designer, so you have a full 2-way sync.

In addition, ISESteroids make sure that all XAML created by the VisualStudio designer is made compatible with PowerShell, extracting all code-behind related things. Put differently: you just design and enjoy.

It has never been easier to create stunning user interfaces with modern WPF ways.

…presented at the 3rd German PowerShell Conference

If you’d like to see the new powerful WPF designer support in action, make sure you attend the 3rd German PowerShell Conference which starts in just two days!

Aside from the 12 awesome speakers, and two days of radical PowerShell action, you’ll see the final version in action, and learn how you can build UIs with PowerShell.

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, and still would like to come, just walk in on Wednesday. Make sure you bring a photo ID for invoicing. The conference fee is EUR 599,- and covers venue, all catering, materials, and events. All speakers volunteer.