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WPF Support, new SKUs

Shortly after the final version was out, I received lots of feedback regarding the all-new WPF integration, so I’d like to share what has been added in response to that.

Also, I’d like to introduce to you the final SKUs, plus the new options to join and become affiliate, or register as reseller.

Support for Visual Studio Express Editions

In, ISESteroids used the VS automation interface to talk to VS. Since this interface is not present in Express editions, a full VS version was required.

Beginning with, there is a second option you can find in the WPF context menu: Visual Studio 1-way sync.

This option works with almost any version of VS. Since ISESteroids no longer uses the automation interface, you need to open the XAML file inside VisualStudio manually. On the right hand side, in the project explorer with the WPF project, simply double-click the file “mainwindow.xaml”.

Whenever you save your project in Visual Studio, ISESteroids syncs back all changes right into your PowerShell code.

1-way-sync and 2-way-sync

If you choose to use the VS automation interface by clicking “2-way sync”, there are basically three advantages:

  • ISESteroids will make sure only relevant tools are visible inside VS
  • ISESteroids will automatically launch the WPF designer for you
  • When you do changes in ISESteroids, it will sync them to VS, so it is a full 2-way-sync

The 2-way has some not-so-obvious advantages: Whenever ISESteroids receives XAML code, it automatically analyzes it and makes sure it is PowerShell-compatible. Any references to code behind, for example event handlers, that you may have added inside VisualStudio, are removed.

Because of the 2-way-sync, the “cleaned” XAML will immediately be written back to VS, so you always work with the same XAML in both applications.

VS Designer won’t start

We received reports that on some machines/installs, when you use the 2-way-sync to edit XAML, VisualStudio starts fine but the designer fails to spin up. We are investigating this issue. Meanwhile, you now have a decent alternative with the newly added 1-way sync.

Final SKUs are out

Today, I updated the online shop to reflect the long announced final SKUs. There are two commercial versions now: Enterprise and Professional. Enterprise comes with the full feature set. Professional has a reduced feature set with the most wanted editing enhancements, at the ISESteroids 1.0 price level.

Since I know that a lot of you purchase ISESteroids out of your own pocket, I made sure a third SKU was added: ISESteroids PowerShell Specialist. It has the same full Enterprise feature set yet continues to cost EUR 99,- (+VAT where applicable).

“ISESteroids PowerShell Specialist” is not available to companies and organizations. It can be purchased only by individuals (natural persons) that pay with private money. When you purchase a “PowerShell Specialist” license, it is yours, and you can use it whereever you want, in commercial projects, at work, wherever.

ISESteroids Funding

ISESteroids is a project funded by license revenues, straight and fair. There are no hidden sponsors, cross-sales, or employers that let us play with ISESteroids while paying our wages.

Revenues go straight back into the project. There is a huge list of additional features we want to add for you, and license revenues provide the room to do this quickly and reliably. Since updates are free, you continue to benefit from your own investment. On top, we never charge extra for “maintenance”,  or “ticket based support”.

We are confident that the time savings and code quality improvements delivered by ISESteroids pay for itself in a matter of days.

Should you still feel that software developers are a kind of breed that should generally work for free, contact us and share your thoughts.

Become an Affiliate

If you’d like to support ISESteroids and be part of this story, sign up as an Affiliate. As an affiliate, you post a link on your website or blog, and any sales through this link will be credited.

We are working out the details right now, but if you’re interested, you can sign up now.

Register as Reseller

As a reseller, please register here. And if your company or organization can order only through certain resellers, forward the link to them. Or let us know, so we can contact the reseller. We really want to improve and smoothen the ordering process for you as much as we can.

User Group Meeting

Finally, before I forget: Upcoming Friday, we meet again at the Hannover PowerShell user group. I’ll do a presentation on WPF in PowerShell. So if you happen to be around, join the fun, have a beer, and enjoy a geeky evening…!