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“WPF Tweaker” Easter Egg

Recently, I was asked whether there are easter eggs in ISESteroids. Well, there are code artifacts we used internally to play with some things. Here is one that has absolutely no productivity value (unless you like to edit your code in 3D Star Wars mode).

Easter Egg

Follow these steps:

  1. Right-click an empty spot in the ISE editor, then in the context menu choose “WPF/Create Sample WPF Window”. This adds sample WPF code, and here you can read all about this, and how ISESteroids helps you create UIs.
  2. Next, hold CTRL+SHIFT (that’s important!) Then do another right-click into the auto-generated XAML, and in the context menu, choose “WPF/Easter Egg”. A tooltip tells you that it really is no vanilla easter egg but instead the “ISESteroids WPF tweaker” we used some time ago to play with WPF capabilities.

The “WPF Tweaker” really is a dialog full of weird sliders. When you start playing with the sliders, ISESteroids applies their settings to the currently opened editor window. The results are probably just very very strange.


Note that the editor doesn’t care much about your settings and continues to work and edit your code. There is no way to revert the changes (other than setting the sliders back to their default values), so if you want to go back to normal, simply close the editor pane and open it again.